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Stringent Quality Control

Quality is of utmost importance at Macro Plastic. All of our production processes follow these stringent manufacturing principles, ensuring our clients get top quality solutions for their needs.

  • No Phthalates or Plasticizer additives for PVC films and sheets.
  • No Silicone oil on all products
  • All products are compliant with RoHS/Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive standards
  • All products are compliant with Food Contact Grade requirements

Our ISO 9001 certification provides the basic foundation of our quality management practices. Through the years of experience, Macro Plastic has also buildup a capable QA department that focuses on quality reviews, safety and reliability issues.

In support of quality functions, our modern plant is equipped with a test lab to ensure our products meet the required key physical properties and product specifications. Our plant also features on-line inspection facilities that ensure a more stringent quality control for our production:

  • Calendering
    • Visual inspection
    • Beta control gauging system
    • Manual width and thickness inspection
    • Regular width, thickness, gloss and shrinkage control
  • Co-extrusion
    • Pre- extruding resin moisture check using a moisture analyzer
    • Extruders and smoothing rolls condition check
    • Beta control gauging system
    • Manual width and thickness inspection
    • Visual inspection
    • Regular width, thickness, shrinkage and gloss control

As part of our continuous improvement programme, we also constantly review international and domestic standards and regulations along with our customer’s specific requirements to ensure better quality control. In addition, Macro Plastic is constantly looking at methods to improve the quality of its products and to ensure it is inline with the current markent demand.

Food Contact Packaging

Products that are manufactured by Macro Plastic for direct food contact are compliable with FDA and food safety directives and regulations. We take our commitment to food safety seriously and as a supplier of plastic packaging for food industries, we endeavor to ensure your product and their end consumer is protected.