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Macro Plastic has both the expertise and technical capability to offer high quality production of plastic films and sheets. We utilize state-of-the-art machineries and advanced production processes that comply with current hygiene and safety requirements in all our operations.

With significant investments in top quality equipment, we have the capabilities to offer production processes such as:


Calendering is a process used in the manufacture of large-volume and high-quality PVC films and sheets of various profiles. Calendering allows surface treatment such as embossing to be done on films and sheets.


Co-extrusion produces custom profile films and sheets for A-PET (APET), PET-G (PETG), G.A.G (GAG), HIPS and PP materials. Co-extrusion utilizes 2 extruders to produce films and sheets of up to 3 layers. They can be treated with a coating process to enhance its physical properties.

We also have the capability and in-house machinery to support all these production processes with a wide range of conversion processes such as:

  • Stretching/Orienting (Transverse-Direction Orienting/TDO)
    A method of stretching the film to massively improve its shrinkage in the Transverse Direction (TD)

  • Slitting
    A process of slitting large-sized rolls into smaller rolls to customer specified widths and/or lengths.

  • Cutting
    A process of cutting film/sheet into specific cut-sized sheets to customer’s requirements

  • Corona Treatment
    A surface treatment process that improves the bonding characteristics of films by raising the surface energy (dyne level).

  • Die-Cutting
    A manufacturing process of creating uniquely shaped pieces of film utilizing a die cutter.

  • Embossing
    A process for producing raised or sunken designs or relief in a film/sheet. This process can be made by means of passing the film/sheet between rollers of the desired patterns.

  • Coating
    A method of a covering that is applied to the surface of the film/sheet to improve its anti-static properties.